Application Information

Thank you for your interest in practicing optometry in Mississippi. In Mississippi passage of parts I, II, and III of the NBEO Board exams, as well as the TMOD, are required. A completed application must be received thirty days prior to the exam date. An examination fee of $200 for in-state residents and $300 for out of state residents should be sent with the application. The State Board Exam is administered the second Saturday of January and July of each year.

The State board exams include a written examination of pharmacology, a Rules and Regulations/Mississippi statutes exam, and Board interviews.

Attached are an application and a checklist of requirements that are due thirty days prior to the test date.

If I can be of further assistance, please call at (601) 919-1343.

Application Checklist
List of items that need to be mailed to the Board office to accompany the application.

Application for Licensure
An application packet may be obtained from the State Board Office by mailing a $15.00 check to the Board Office.

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